Chapter 42 – Surgery

A CT scan revealed cysts on Austin’s prostate gland that would most likely require surgery. The next morning, we received a phone call from Dr Thomas’s office with details for an appointment with a urologist

Chapter 41 – Bad News

“A man who fears nothing is a man who loves nothing, and if you love nothing, what joy is there in your life?” – Sean Connery as King Arthur in ‘First Knight’ After experiencing some troubling symptoms,

Chapter 40 – Health Scare

Austin and I flew to Australia at short notice in order to activate Austin’s temporary residence visa. That evening we shared a bottle of champagne with my family in my mother, Carolyn’s, home. Austin met my mother’s partner,

Chapter 37 – Rhino Camp

  Austin and I returned home after completing commentary recordings for Austin’s new series in South Africa; however, we did not spend very long in Swakopmund before we began the nine-hour drive north to the

Chapter 34 – Elephant Charge!

While searching the vacinity of Brandberg Mountain for elephants, we had found elephant tracks and encountered unfamiliar people who were also searching the riverbed for elephants… Austin guided the Mazda out of the riverbed and drove us