Chapter 15 – A Perilous Future

After arriving in Namibia, Austin and I spent several days in Swakopmund. Austin’s film team conducted their de-briefing for episode one via conference call and then we spent some time in town catching up on

Chapter 14 – Martin and Al

I flew from Australia to South Africa to meet up with Austin after he finished the first film shoot of his new television series in Canada. Tigress Productions booked a hotel room for Austin and

Chapter 13 – Forewarning

After spending some time in Australia with my family, I flew to South Africa to meet up with Austin, who was returning from filming the first episode of his new television series in Canada. I

Chapter 11 – A Series Is Born

By the time the month of August rolled around, planning for Austin’s second television series had commenced in earnest. Tigress Productions in UK and Cineflix in Canada collaborated to produce the new series entitled ‘Austin

Chapter 9 – Desert Elephants

Austin and I had come to the fire mountain with one goal in mind – elephants! After searching the area surrounding Brandberg Mountain and finding only elephant tracks, we slept in the back of the Mazda with the

Chapter 8 – The Fire Mountain

‘… no more counting dollars, we’ll be counting stars.’ – OneRepublic Austin Stevens had stolen my heart, and then he had proposed! A lot can happen in under two weeks, as my family discovered when I phoned