This blog is first and foremost:

… for my greatest love, Austin Stevens. Thank you for teaching me that home is something you can carry with you, that fear dissipates in proportion to one’s willingness to face it, and that elephants have right of way. You’ve made me a better traveller, a better writer and a better person, shown total faith in me at times when I had none myself, and been everything I could have ever wanted in a husband. What amazing adventures we’ve had…

This blog is also:

… for my father, Glenn Wilcher, who was the first person ever to read the initial content proposed for this blog in its entirety, whose discernment made it better, and who researched the genera Triops for me at a time when I did not have access to the technology required to do this myself. Dad, you’ve been a source of inspiration in life and if it were not for you, I might never have been on that plane to Africa… thank you for the boundless generosity with which you take care of your family.

… for my mother and step-father, Carolyn and Joe Kightley. Mum, your support over the years has been more than any daughter could hope for. If I turn out to be half as good a person as you are, I’ll be happy. Joe, if it were not for your Foxtel subscription all those years ago, I may never have seen that crazy snakeman on television, and none of this would have come to pass. Thank you for becoming part of our family.

… for all our loving and supportive family members and friends in Australia, South Africa, Namibia and scattered across the world. You are too numerous to mention, but you know who you are. We’re blessed to have you all in our lives.

… for Austin’s fans, viewers, readers and online followers, who have been with us as we’ve traversed continents and years. You are people of countless occupations, ideologies and interests, from 154 countries around the globe, united by your love of wildlife, travel, adventure, photography and the natural world. Thank you for making us feel as though we are in good company at the click of a button, no matter where we are.

… and for Bonnie Fletcher, whose early encouragement of my writing was formative and has never been forgotten.

Thank you to all the safari lodge managers, game rangers, bed and breakfast owners, travel agents, television production teams, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, journalists and publishers in Australia, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Canada and England who aided us in our travels over the years and who made it possible for Austin’s work to reach the public. We are grateful for everything you’ve done.

Thank you also to Matthew Loomis of who tirelessly shared his expertise with me every time I had a question about plugins, widgets and hosting – much appreciated!