My name is Amy Stevens. This blog encompasses the years of my life spent living as an Australian expatriate in Africa, where I relocated after meeting and falling in love with author, television presenter and wildlife documentary filmmaker Austin Stevens, best known for his Animal Planet television series ‘Austin Stevens Most Dangerous/Austin Stevens Snakemaster/Austin Stevens Adventures’ and ‘Austin Stevens Adventures 2.’

Begin with the ‘Welcome’ post and let me take you on a journey that spans the globe as I relive my adventures in the wilds of Africa with Austin and the challenges we faced trying to bring our two worlds together.


I began working with animals in 1996 by volunteering at several veterinary clinics and animal rescue organisations. In 1999, I completed multiple student placements at Taronga Zoo’s Veterinary and Quarantine Centre and at Camden University Veterinary Clinic in Australia. I achieved qualifications in Animal Science and Veterinary Nursing at technical colleges in the years that followed and spent the remainder of my professional life with animals working as a Vet Nurse. I went on to work in fields as diverse as corporate television, office management, security, and aged and disability care, before becoming an Assistant Nurse on the medical and surgical wards of a hospital.

These days, Austin and I are based in Australia. I enjoy observing animals in the wild with Austin and writing about them, while completing my Bachelor of Psychological Science degree. I serve as a Student Representative on a Course and Unit Committee, and I am a member of the Student Psychological Society and the Motivation of Health Behaviours Lab. In 2017, I received an undergraduate research fellowship in the field of health psychology and was awarded an Academic Achievement Payment by my university in recognition of my outstanding GPA. I am also an Accredited Tutor capable of assisting others with their studies online.

I look forward to interacting with you here on ‘African Adventures.’


The Hawkesbury Herpetological Society reviewed this site in their October newsletter, and the Society asked me to write an article for their annual magazine which should be out in February 2018.

In the 16 months since ‘African Adventures’ was launched, it has been read by over 45,000 people from 157 countries around the world. Thanks so much for your interest and support!

Amy and Austin Stevens. Photo by Austin J Stevens

Amy and Austin Stevens. Photo by Austin J Stevens